by Siena Castañares

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This album is a collection of coming-of-age stories, spanning my elementary years to my junior year in high school, with influences from a wide range of genres including J-pop, Broadway, and Celtic folk.


released February 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Siena Castañares Los Angeles, California

I'm a singer-songwriter, pianist, and electronic artist. Throughout my life I've been touched and inspired by beautiful songs and sincere lyrics, and I hope my music can move and inspire you just as my favorite songs do for me. :)

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Track Name: All of Us
written summer 2008

It didn’t take us long to notice the sound of music in each other’s voice
Soon we always were together
We spent the days like so many spare coins
And I still remember being with you all around:

In repose, spread out on the grass,
lying on our backs with our hearts exposed
All of us the notes in one song,
reverberating long, grand and tremulous

The piano introduced us, and then we took it on ourselves
Soon the hands of our hearts reached out and played the keys in each other’s souls
And I still remember how you pulled me from the ground:

Both of us on our winged feet
up the blazing street hand in hand we rushed
The sky above, that eternal blue,
opened up a new world of giddy love

I can see it now as the colors change
And the trees release their leaves
These cold fall winds carry sweet soft scents
of departed summer days
We sang, think of me, please
as the final cadence played

One of us wants it all back
The music of your laugh, the gleam of golden trust
We flung ajar the doors into our lives
So we stepped inside, touched each other’s hearts
And I can’t forget our sweet harmonies
They are the memories filling up my head
Glorious, sounding on and on
I hear the summer song we found in all of us
Track Name: Photos of You
written fall 2003

Beautiful days and tall eucalyptus trees
Still remain in my eyes
My tears wash away the dust in my memories
Thinking of you and regretting saying goodbye

Photos of you shine in my hand
If only they’d once more be real
Time is my enemy, once was my friend
He can’t understand how I feel

Not so long ago, these beautiful images
Weren’t even precious to me
It’s so different now; they’re like paper diamonds
Set in rings I wear on my heart where they always will be

Photos of you I take in my mind
Remembering you like you were right there
But they’re only repeats of long-gone times
That play in my head and rekindle my care

I wish that those sparkling jewels so rare were really your eyes
It’s cold, lifeless paper in a warm disguise
Track Name: If I Could Have You
written fall 2007

I find that my garden grows the color of your eyes
and my music plays the songs inside your voice
because I see you and I hear you
and I feel that you make everything you do a whole new art
And it’s as though you’re within me, though we’re really far apart

Oh, if I could have you, if only I could hold your hand,
I’d let you lead me and never let you go; I’d stand
beside you, and take your beauty in like wine,
sweet and deep and fine,
oh, I know I would if only you were mine

Your words all are like rare birdsongs in my ears
Your face just catches me and holds me there in awe
because I’m falling hard in love with you
as I stand against the fence that holds me in from warmer nights
I hope to break it down; I hope to somehow keep you in my life

Oh, if I could have you, if only I were yours to hold,
I’d let you change me and walk with you down every road,
and even if rain fell, I’d drink it in like wine,
sweet and deep and fine,
oh, I know I would, I know I would,

if I could have you; if only I could hold your hand,
I’d let you lead me and never let you go; I’d stand
beside you, and take your loving in like wine,
sweet and deep and fine,
oh, I know I would if only you were mine
Yes, I know I would if only you were mine
I’ve got this feeling you’re the best I’ll ever find
Oh, what life would be if only you were mine
Track Name: Lantern
written summer 2006

I am on a little riverboat
And there’s a lantern upstream behind me
In the night such a lovely glow
Very heavy and I let it go
And as its warmth now leaves my hands
I stare down the river
I am shivering cold

Don’t you know I’m fallen,
So taken and so fond?
You’ve seen me as I’ve shown myself,
But can you see beyond?
I’ve loved you always
with my hidden heart
Somewhere far away he lies asleep
While the night winds tear my words apart

Then I fell from the little boat
And they found me in the water
I am in blankets, forever frozen here
If I could I would move along
But I need my lantern
Will someone find him? Will she be strong?
Am I worthy of another
If I can’t hold on?
Track Name: Promenade
written spring 2009

At last Time comes to take us to this place
He drops us off and stays behind the gate
And in this pause we may reflect
On just how far we’ve come as yet
Before Time finally takes us back we’re here to celebrate

So hold onto this beautiful warm night with both your hands
‘Cause here we stand in a moment that will never come again
Hold onto this beautiful slow sway with all your might
‘Cause close we dance in a memory to last for all our lives

Our friends are blooming in a million shades
But their silks beside their sparkling eyes just fade
And in some corner of it all
We’re moving, taking steps so small
Our feet have found the same stones on our paths to years ahead


Our childhood is leaving, and once the last of it has gone,
Then we’ll send each other into the future and beyond
But in these few hours before tomorrow makes us part
Just slow down, be still now, and leave timekeeping to your heart

How lovely it is upon this beautiful warm night
To stay caught here in a moment we’ll remember all our lives

(chorus, coda)
Track Name: I Am Yours
written summer 2007

Tonight I figured out you’re not a dream come true
’Cause knowing me, I never could dream up someone like you
You’re hardly what I hoped for; you’re everything I need
You opened up a hidden door to things I ought to see

And now the sun is poking through the clouds
I never thought I’d ever feel so proud
to be

All yours, only yours; no longer all alone
Afloat in seas so new to me, I’m finally at home
Your world is quite different, quite lovely, in so many ways
And I ain’t leaving anytime because
I am yours.

Never ventured very far, never tried to be brave
I stayed behind the painted line and figured I was safe
Tied up in caution tape, I had no room to grow
So ’til you came, I stayed the same, but little did I know

that soon you’d come and free me, and I’d ride
beyond the shore with you by my side
and now

I’m yours, only yours, and better than before
You took me as I was, but then you made me something more
You’re new and you’re different; you’re lovely in so many ways
And I’m so happy that you’re mine because
I am yours
Darling, I am under your magic spell
I am yours
Never did love anybody quite so well
I am yours
Track Name: Fallen and Broken
written winter 2008

I’m fallen now and I’m broken down,
that’s what I get for needing you
I keep on reaching up above me
toward the ground we stood upon, I’m watching you move on

I never thought this would come to us,
shows you just how much I knew
and just maybe you’ll come back to me
I ought to wonder why hope always flies too high

and carries me over memories
of those sweet days gone past,
but it’s all gone now; time to turn around
at last.

I think I know what made you go,
and it’s something I have done
But I don’t think I could apologize
with no more words to say, no more songs to play

But still I speak and still I seek
by the light of setting sun
some way that I could justify
holding down our love, but I’ve held it long enough

Well my song should end, I should let my friend
walk away beyond the night
I will watch her fade as I finally say
good bye
I will watch her fade as I finally say
good bye
Track Name: Mama
written spring 2008

The pretty quilt that Mama wove
to this day astounds me
Its intricate soft fabric
hangs shining green around me
How she made those tiny flowers
I may never understand
I’ve attempted to match her,
but I just don’t have her hands

Who gave me my life,
Forever I am in awe of you
I love you with all my might

The pretty songs that Mama sings
come to me, down from the treetops
The pretty colors Mama paints
rise up above the hilltops
How her children could want more,
I may never understand
And how we have hurt her,
I don’t want to comprehend

We surely have roamed,
But surely we can recall our place
And we will come home
I know I have roamed,
But surely I can recall your face,
Tread soft in my mama’s sweet home
Track Name: Just Dance with Me
written spring 2008

I hear the drumbeat start; it’s party time at last
Feel my heart leap up to see you start to dance
And I hope and pray you’ll drift my way
through the sea of couples in between
But tonight it’s just a pleasant dream

All by myself I’m burning up the floor
I don’t know why you won’t just dance with me
I need somebody to move this way for
Don’t wanna spend my whole night on nobody

Now the night draws on, along with the beat
And I’m out of breath, but still I’m on my feet
While the pounding bass fills up the space
that's inside my heart where you would be
if I had you dancing here with me

All by myself I’m burning up the floor
I don’t know why you won’t just dance with me
I need someone I can move this way for
Don’t wanna spend my whole night on nobody

Let me catch your glance
Just give me one little dance
Just reach out and hold my hands
Just for one night be my friend

Now the fire goes down and the music slows
The couples hold each other so close
So I’ll go along, for I don’t belong
on the floor anymore on my own
‘cause there’s no way to slow dance alone
Track Name: Cameron
written summer 2003

It was sad for us that he was such a young one
Who couldn’t handle the crush I’d had on him for years
And now, when I hear his name,
I know that I am to blame
For so many things that pushed us both to tears

Cameron, Cameron
I still dream about him sadly in my sleep
Now he’s gone, and I’ll move on
Now my love’s a memory I can only keep

There’ll be other boys who’ll love me so much better
Who’ll feel calm and happy when they see my face
But when Cameron’s gone away,
I feel more lonely every day
He’s so much to me, no one could take his place


And I know he’s not the sweet one who I’m always gonna be with
He’s not even friendly like he was before
But I’m always gonna miss him and I know I’m gonna love him
That life’s gone now; I don’t know him anymore

It was sad for us that he was such a young one
Perhaps there’s someone else who might be right for me
So, Cameron, I love you
But “love” is all that I can do
Goodbye, Cameron, it’s time I let you be
Track Name: I Will Carry On
written spring 2005

In your tiny garden
Flowers soft and bright
Lovely little Eden
Growing strong in your light
Wandering children came to rest in the shade
And you welcomed them to stay

What once a hero dreamed of
A leader conceived
An angel hoped for
Will always be golden and warm and alive
I promise you that I will carry on

Without sunlight
Flowers never grow
Years and years of thriving
Now the petals lose their glow
You were more like the sun than you ever knew
Without you, the night’s so cold

What once a star cast upon us
What filled our sky
And kept our eyes open
Should always be there and must never go
I promise you that I will carry on

Dusty twilight settles
Over this old place
Looking for your footprints
Here and there I find a trace
I can only hope to be someone
A star if not the sun

What once a hero dreamed of
A leader pursued
An angel achieved
Should be achieved again, over and over again
I promise you that I will carry on
Yes, I promise you that I will carry on